Teacher Training Program – Shanghai

With funding from Shanghai Charity Foundation, and at the invitation of our partner schools, Stepping Stones has trained teachers at our partner schools from summer 2016 to summer 2018. This program aims to improve the quality of English education at migrant schools and increase the English teachers’ confidence to use English in class, as well as to improve their teaching methodology for English practice activities.

Each trainee received six three-hour training sessions on teaching methodology and English activities, supplemented by oral English practice delivered by volunteers. Champion teachers were selected to receive enhanced training to continue training other teachers and monitor teaching quality at the schools, to sustain the training impact in the long term.

With funding from Jiaqi Foundation, we plan to resume teacher training in Shanghai schools in September 2020.

Shirley, Grade 2 teacher at Wanliao Primary School in Pudong, spent 18 months in our teacher-training program, and is now one of our Champion Teachers. Watch her video.


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Teachers’ English Corner – Shanghai

Overview: Teachers’ English Corner (TEC) Volunteers help English teachers for migrant children in Shanghai to improve their oral English confidence, thus helping them teach their students better. Volunteers are responsible for delivering one-hour English language corners to local teachers. Groups can be as small as 4 teachers or as big as 25 teachers.

Time commitment: Half a day per week or every other week (including preparation and commute time) and a minimum of one school term (3-4 months). Volunteering takes place about once a week or every other week during school hours.

Requirements: Fluent or native level of English; interest in communicating the English language to teachers. Good at interacting with adults, patient, understanding and respectful.

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